There are at least 68 grass species in Pilanesberg.

Photo of the grasslands in Pilanesberg

List of Grasses

Grasses belong to one of the largest plant families in the world with over 10,000 species world-wide. About 1,000 species have been described in Southern Africa, of which just over 300 are endemic to the region and only about 100 have been introduced.
Pilanesberg's grasslands are typically African Savannah.
Scientific Name Common Names
Andropogon chinensis Hairy Blue Grass
Anthephora pubescens Wool Grass
Aristida adscensionis Annual Three-Awn
Aristida congesta subsp. barbicollis Spreading Three-awn
Aristida congesta subsp. congesta Tassel Three-awn
Aristida junciformis Gongoni Three-awn
Bewsia biflora False Love Grass
Bothriochloa bladhii Purple Plume Grass
Bothriochloa insculpta Pinhole Grass
Bothriochloa radicans Stinking Grass
Brachiaria brizantha Common Signal Grass
Brachiaria eruciformis Sweet Signal Grass
Brachiaria serrata Velvet Signal Grass
Cenchrus cilliarus Foxtail Buffalo Grass
Chloris pycnothrix Spiderweb Grass
Chloris virgata Feather-top Chloris
Chrysopogon serrulatus Golden Beard Grass
Cymbopogon excavatus Broad-leaved Turpentine Grass
Cymbopogon plurinodis Narrow-leaved Turpentine Grass
Cynodon dactylon Couch Grass
Digitaria argyrograpta
Digitaria eriantha Common Finger Grass
Diheteropogon amplectens Broad-leaved Bluestem
Elionurus muticus Wire Lemongrass
Enneapogon cenchroides Nine-awned Grass
Enneapogon scoparius Bottlebrush Grass
Eragrostis biflora Shade Eragrostis
Eragrostis capensis Heart-seed Love Grass
Eragrostis chloromelas (Narrow) Curly Leaf
Eragrostis gummiflua Gum Grass
Eragrostis heteromera Bronze Love Grass
Eragrostis inamoena Tite Grass
Eragrostis lehmanniana Lehmann's Love Grass
Eragrostis pseudosclerantha Footpath Love Grass
Eragrostis racemosa Narrow Heart Love Grass
Eragrostis rigidior (Broad) Curly Leaf
Eragrostis superba Saw-tooth Love Grass
Eustachys paspaloides Fan Grass/Brown Rhodes Grass
Fingerhuthia africana Thimble Grass
Heteropogon contortus Spear Grass
Hyparrhenia filipendula Fine Thatching Grass
Hyparrhenia hirta Common Thatching Grass
Imperata cylindrica Cottonwool Grass
Loudetia simplex Common Russet Grass
Melinis repens subsp. repens Natal Red Top
Panicum coloratum Small Buffalo Grass
Panicum maximum Guinea Grass
Panicum repens Couch Panicum
Paspalum dilatatum Dallis Grass
Paspalum distichum Water Couch
Pennisetum macrourum Riverbed Grass
Pennisetum thunbergii Thunberg's Pennisetum
Perotis patens Cat's Tail
Phragmites australis Common Reed
Pogonarthria squarrosa Herringbone Grass
Setaria lindenbergiana
Setaria megaphylla Broad-leaved Bristle Grass
Setaria sphacelata var. sericea Golden Bristle Grass
Setaria sphacelata var. sphacelata Common Bristle Grass
Setaria sphacelata var. torta Creeping Bristle Grass
Setaria verticillata Bur Bristle Grass
Sporobolus africanus Ratstail Dropseed
Sporobolus pyramidalis Catstail Dropseed
Themeda triandra Red Grass
Trachypogon spicatus Giant Spear Grass
Tragus berteronianus Common Carrot-seed Grass
Tricholaena monachne Blue-seed Grass
Trichoneura grandiglumis Small Rolling Grass
Urochloa mosambicensis Bushveld Signal Grass
Urochloa oligotricha Perennial Signal Grass